2 Crore! Bengali Cockpit 4th day Box office collection


Bengali Cockpit 4th day Box office collection: Bengali movie Cockpit released at the box office and getting a very good response from the viewers. As per the reports, people who are coming out to watch this movie are saying the good word of mouth for the movie. Also, the critics are giving the good reviews and ratings for the movie. Even the reports are saying that the first weekend, 3rd day box office collection, earnings, and income are looking quite good for the movie.

Bengali Cockpit 4th day Box office collection
Bengali Cockpit 4th day Box office collection

Some of you may know that Cockpit is Bengali drama movie which is directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee. Also, the movie is produced under the banner of Dev Entertainment Ventures. The movie is featuring Dev Adhikari along with Koel Mallick , Rukmini Maitra, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Raj Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar, Saayoni Ghosh. Also, you all may know that Prosenjit Chatterjee is playing the main leading role in the movie.

Bengali Cockpit Box office collection-

If we talk about the story plot then we can say that this flick is full entertainment movie. The movie revolves around a journey or a flight trip which become a life-taking trip for all the flight members. The flight goes from Mumbai to Kolkata and the story takes a serious turn when the flight is hit from the very bad turbulent weather in the air. The role of a pilot is being played by Dev Adhikari is known to be a versatile actor.

 Cockpit 4th day Box office collection, earnings, income-

You can see everything together in the movie. We are sure that you all are going to love this movie because of the good direction and production work.  The actors have done full justice to their character. The songs of the movie are good adding to the theme of the movie it revolves around and the screenplay and cinematography are average.

Cockpit 4th day box office collection Bengali cinema-

The movie collected good bucks for the makers and it running with 25% occupancy at the box office. As per the reports, the movie collected good bucks which are given below.

Cockpit first-day box office collection- 0.80 Crore

2nd-day box office collection of the movie- 0.90 Crore

3rd-day box office collection of the movie- 1.50 Crore

4th day box office collection of the movie- 0.50 Crore (Approx)

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