7 Crore! Jora 10 Numbari 2nd day/ 3rd day box office collection


Box office collection: the movie Jora 10 Numbari is witnessed positive reviews from critics ever since the movie is on its first day of opening, the movie Jora 10 Numbari created an enormous amount of buzz on Friday, everybody saying some good words of mouth about its storyline and every possible effort that have placed by its star cast to make every part of movie amazing. and that is why the first-day first show the movie went amazing, the story of the hold something that is really worth watching so nobody seems disagree to watch this movie on big screen. We are here to talk about the box office collection of Jora 10 Numbari.

Jora 10 Numbari 2nd day earnings
Jora 10 Numbari 2nd day collection

1st day box office collection of Jora 10 Numbari: the movie had a massive number of movie watcher on the first day of its opening, every viewer responded good to this creation and mostly the storyline of the movie grabbed every interested eye who wanted to see some action thrills.

Jora 10 Numbari 2nd day box office collection:

yeah the one big reason behind this massive attention could be, that there is no other big Punjabi release who may consider as a competition so I think this creation became the one best option loaded full of action.

Jora 10 NumbariĀ 3rd day box office collection:

after getting good word of mouth for its opening day performance now movie is moving straight forward to its goals. the young crowd of Punjab seems quite interested in the storyline of the movie and yeah I mean they should be. According to the viewers of the first show, the most amazing thing they liked about the movie is the beautiful execution of storyline and the star cast if one of them would have been going wrong then the whole creation could affect by it. Well now the movie is going a great business over box office business and will surely cross the amount of its budget until this weekend


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