Green Tea: 7 Proven Benefits of Green Tea! Check out!!!


Green Tea: 7 Proven Benefits of Green Tea: After reading this review you will surely add green tea as a “day start-up” or “must be needing the thing for health reasons” in your mornings. So here we are going to tell you some basic thing about it and then we will talk about the history of green tea and at last its benefits in many aspects.  If you think green tea is as same as the other teas then you are wrong.

The leaves are used in process of making this tea is Camellia sinensis and the process of making it is kindly different from the other tea making processes. Also, in comparing to other tea leaves, green tea leaves need less oxygen to grow up. So, basically, it kindly goes under less oxidation process, other teas like black tea have not gone under through it.

Green tea is originated in China but after when people have been affected by its good influences, it has spread out from all over the Asia to other territories like Japan, United Kingdom and lot more.

Check: 7 Proven Benefits of Green Tea:

Hydrate your body: – Said by researchers, the green tea contains 99.6% of water. It can easily fulfill your everyday water intake needs so basically it is the second best way to get hydrated after water.

Helps in frustration: – It also contains the component name EGCG and research say that this component helps you calms your mind down, kicks out the frustration. It helps you to be more concentrated to your work.

Increase your brain memory:- The consumptions of green tea and the component included in it are good for increasing the insulin level in your brain, probably helps you to get a good memory, makes you mind more alerts and active towards the things that you want your mind to do so it is scientifically proven that only a cup of green tea consists more valuable components than other liquid does.

Good for blood circulation: – The addiction towards the green tea for heart patients must be good for blood circulation to flows right well. However, there are so many exercises that recommended by doctors but sometimes exercising seems quite difficult to do, so for that moments, only a cup of green tea will help you find out all the needing components like antioxidants catechism and flavones for proper blood circulation.

Bad cholesterol control: – Acc to researchers, the consumption of green tea will help you remove all of the bad cholesterol out of your blood particles and give your blood cells a sufficient quantity of nitric acid to improves your blood circulation because when the amount of nitric acid increases in blood cell it causes vasodilatation which can decrease the blood pressure and help blood vessels to keep it constants for better blood circulation.

Sips to slim body: – As I told you right above the green tea has some components like (EGCG) Epicatechin Gallate, Apicatechins and Flavonols, Which helps you to increase your metabolism at limited range and according to theory the increment in metabolism causes weight loss, but it is just a theory it is not yet proven by scientist that green tea helps reducing weight. But still, the habits of green teas on an everyday basis may be helping you some of your inches loose.

Other benefits: – The green tea is rich in antioxidants, and this component is a valuable source to get rid of so many deceases like diabetes, skin cancer etc.

So as per conclusion, the green tea is less in cost, good for heart patients, helps you improving blood circulation, keep you away from deceases, second best way to get hydrated, makes you more active towards yours work, helps you maintaining you blood pressure, and many more befits that only one sip away. So, these are the best-proven benefits of Green tea. We hope that you all are going to use it from today.


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