Bengali Sahaj Paather Gappo Movie Review, Box office collection


Bengali Sahaj Paather Gappo Movie Review, Box office collection: The movie Sahaj Paather Gappo is an upcoming bangle language Indian drama flick which is all set to be released on 8 September 2017 within domestic. The story of the movie is based on the Indian society and indicates the real face of it, the storyline of the movie has been gathering a lots of positive reviews from all over just because of the realness of the story that shows the exact situation when you have no back of the further sources and then you have to put yourself in that place in very small age.

Sahaj Paather Gappo, review, ratings, box office collection
Sahaj Paather Gappo, review, ratings, box office collection

Movie review: the movie staring Nur Islam, Samiui Alam and Sneha Biswas in their respective lead role along with Bidyut Das, Jiban Adhikary, Moumita Bhaduri, Pinky Banerjee, Pradip Dhar, Sajid Ali Mandal, Sanjoy Bishwas, Sayan Mondal and Shakuntala Barua as supporting actors. The movie is directed by Manas Mukul pal and produced by Avijit Saha. The story of the movie indicates the faces of Indian society which will definitely be appreciated by any movie lover. The movie will hit the screen with its first appearance on 8 September under the banner of Avijitsaha Production.

Sahaj Paather Gappo box office collection

Story plot: Gopal who is living his childhood like other kids, having fun around, do what you what to do like. Then a sudden accident of his father makes his life not so easier as before even way to hard for a 10-year-old kid. He has to feed his mother his younger brother chottu. So he started doing selling fruits in near market and doing all that think which an adult do for feed his family and give them a living. The story of the movie shows that how tough the life could be and you have to take a step to make a good living out of it.

Directed by: Manas Mukul Pal

Produced by: Avjit Saha

Casting:  Nur Islam, Samiui Alam, and Sneha Bishwas

Language: Bengali

Rate: 3/5

Release date: 8 September 2017


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