Bigg Boss 11: 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative in the House!


Bigg Boss 11: 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative in the House: Well, we all know who is Hina Khan, even before she entered in the Big Boss House. She was once TV’s most popular bahu in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, but now in Bigg Boss, she is struggling to get her real identity and people do not like her for her words, attitude and some other things. Even though she tries her best to present herself as someone who is bullied by other inmates and that’s what she has learned from 2013’s winner Gauahar Khan. Some people are claiming that she is trying to be the victim of current affairs.

Bigg Boss 11: 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative in the House!

You all may see her as a Bigg Boss 11 Winner but we aren’t expecting that people are going to make her win for those bad reasons?

No doubt! She is a very strong player inside the house and trying or convinces everyone that she deserves the winning tag but we don’t think she does till now.  Below we are going to share the 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative inside the house. Truth be told, Hina Khan is the biggest bully this season. She stops at nothing while pushing other contestants to do what she wants them to do. We have seen this happening with Vikas Gupta and Dhinchak Pooja. You all know that how she makes people do what she wanted to make them do.

Bigg Boss 11: 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative in the House-

Even, she is the reason why Dhinchak Pooja suffered inside the house, here we aren’t saying that other contestants are doing great but we are talking about Hina’s bad attitude. She was seen crying within hours of entering the house and every recent day she used to cry and make things worse for other contestants.

Slut shaming-

Some of you may think that this is not true but it’s true and I am sure that you all are going be agree for those reasons. Hina went on to attack Arshi’s “character” leaving her in tears. She makes everyone convince that she is the one who is “Victim” but usually she makes every one victim for her “Slut Shaming” habit since the first day till now.

Hungry for attention:

You all may know that she always blame and mock on Akash Dadlani for talking to cameras but she is the one who does it the most of the time. Yes! She doesn’t do it for fun but you can find her mostly crying on the camera and showing herself as a victim that’s what she does. It’s just that she is not as innocent as Akash or Vikas Gupta who will do it for fun.


She is full of obsession and you all know that how obsessed she is. You all know that so many times we heard that Hina Khan is the best thing that has happened to the small screen and TV? We think that glamour made what she is today and she is obsessed with her glamour because so many times she teased other contestants for having a back against her. Hina’s behavior irked her fellow participants even during the shooting of the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi, and when Ravi Dubey and Ritwik Dhanjani visited the house they hinted towards it.

She is Manipulative-

She makes people believe in her fake story and not all of them are fake but some of them are totally fake. As you can see that Priyank, Sapna, and Luv Tyagi all of them are trying to make her wish fulfilled. Sapna may get some votes from the Delhi-NCR region as she is popular for her songs in that area, but the other two have no choice than sticking with Hina but other two’s are the victim of manipulation. They can’t even speak without telling anything to Hina.

Her attitude-

Well, this is last but not the least because this is one of the best points which I think already know. She got the attitude problem and everyone knows it. She is also the self-appointed moral police of the house. Whether it is Benafsha cozying up to Priyank or Puneesh and Bandgi Kalra’s so-called romance, Hina talks about everything. She never talks about that, she is the one who is sticking her nose everywhere.


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