Bigg Boss 11: 5 Reasons Why Vikas Gupta is Sensible Contestant!


Bigg Boss 11: 5 Reasons Why Vikas Gupta is Sensible Contestant: The Bigg Boss season 11 is full of controversial acts and has its own place in headlines. The viewers just can’t imagine the show without controversies, basically, the show is incomplete without it. The Bigg Boss 11 has become one most popular shows of nowadays as it has a spicy history. Just like the last season, the show witnesses a ton of controversies every week. And also the participants in the house doesn’t miss any chance to make their acts more entertaining. 5 reasons why Hina Khan is looking negative-

After getting involved in the beef with Akash, Puneesh Sharma is now working on some new moves. Earlier in the week, two best friends have suddenly started showing disrespect to each other which is why Puneesh is now making the bond with Bandgi Kalra. Well its hard for us to expect, that this new friendship will stay last longer.

The show is always been running with creepy contestants but there are still some sensible one left in the house. If you have seen every single moment of Bigg Boss 11 then you would probably know who I am talking about.

Bigg Boss 11: 5 Reasons Why Vikas Gupta is Sensible Contestant-

Vikas Gupta, yes you guessed right. He is the one sensible contestant till now in the Bigg Boss house. It’s not because he went back to Shilpa after the big controversy between them. There are various other moments that proves him the most sensible participant of Bigg Boss 11. The reasons are given right below, check!

What real friends do: In the time of crisis when Shilpa found herself in the darkest hours and she really needed someone to encourage her to get out of the worst situation, who came to her with friendship invitation, its Vikas Gupta. Usually, people have an ego problem that keeps them far away from good things but if they start thinking about what really matters in the relationship then they will always get what they deserve.

His relation with Jyoti Kumari is also a good example. We have always seen him over-protective when it comes to Joyti.

Vikas Gupta also helped out Lucinda to cure her sufferings. He definitely knows how to treat a lady like a gentleman.

Always supportive of others: As you, all know the Bigg Boss house is always surrounded by the heated atmosphere. The male contestants in the house won’t ever miss the chance to show no respect to the female contestant. Even, some women participants don’t realize that they are also women and they must respect another one. During the time when Priyanka had been passing the cheap comments against Arshi. Vikas Sharma made her realize that she isn’t saying good and gave his supports to Arshi.

Goes with right: He always goes with what right not towards what friends tell him to do. Let me a reminder, during the time when Aakash Dadlani and Benafsha were fighting. Vikas gracefully handled the situation instead of making the fight more tensed. He didn’t take no one’s side and make them realize their own faults.

No back-bitching: Vikas Gupta is not among those who talk maliciously in the absence of people. He definitely knows how to use the sensible word, he always kind to everyone, he knows how to express the feeling and make people understand and what makes him the sensible one is he know how to treat women which indicates that he has a great heart.

Not Abusive: Well, if you are a really true viewer then you must know that Vikas never abuse anyone for without any big reason. Even, he is the one who respects everyone including Hina khan.


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