Bigg Boss 11: Dhinchak Pooja trolled; Nits on her hair


Bigg Boss 11: Dhinchak Pooja trolled; Nits on her hair: As you, all know that yesterday one of the most famous Internet sensations Dhinchak Pooja entered in Bigg Boss’s house. As per the reports, she is getting very disrespectful behavior from the other members of the house because of her nits. Yes! As you all know that, Dhinchak Pooja entered in a house and since that time she is getting very disrespectful and trolling behaviors from other contestants.

Bigg Boss 11: Dhinchak Pooja trolled; Nits on her hair
Bigg Boss 11: Dhinchak Pooja trolled; Nits on her hair

Some of you may think that she is only getting trolled for her bad singing but that’s not true. This time she is getting trolled for her hair problems. As per the reports, the audiences are waiting for the reactions of other contestants when they got to know she got nits on her hair. After that, she started getting trolled and everybody started talking about her.

Bigg Boss 11: Dhinchak Pooja getting trolled-

Yes! Dhinchak  Pooja’s hairs are full with nits and that’s making her trolled on the Internet. Reports are coming that she is getting trolled and everybody is talking about her inside the house. Even house members sang a trolled song for her “Medicor mane le liya aj, Medicor mane le liya aj, sar pe mere rhete lhikk”.

Also, the reports are coming that Pooja and Akash get together to give viewers some entertainment. They belt out a catchy ‘Selfie’ rap song for everyone. Everyone is looking quite excited for her and looking forward to the show. We are sure that you all are going to love this show. Also, the TRP is getting high day by day because of some excitements and awesome turnovers in the show.

Currently, Pooja is sitting alone and nobody is talking to her. Even, you can say that everyone is scared from the nits and they don’t want to get them on their head. Let, see what is going to happen today in the house and in upcoming days.


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