Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma Said Akash is Retarded!


Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma Said Akash is Retarded: The most dramatic show of all the time on Indian television Big Boss 11 has now gone too far since the day it started. Until now the show witnesses the unnecessary fight between the housemate and it getting tensed and tensed even after a couple of eliminations. The contestants in the house are always been complicated and especially when things come to build a relation between other housemates. Things never stay the same it always changes just like the weather, which is why you cant tell from which direction the Strome is coming, its so unpredictable but for the viewers cant find it annoying.

We have come with a recent example that would be enough to know how far could any contestant goes to achieve the victory. We all know about that bond that Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani had been sharing for a while until Puneesh Sharma showed his real face to Akash Dadlani.

Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma Said Akash is Retarded!
Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma Said Akash is Retarded!

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates:

The fight between these two contestants isn’t gonna end soon. Since the last week both showing no respect to each other. Back in the time when they used to call themselves the best friends is now completely all gone. Now it seems like the beef between them will surely take one of them out of the house or maybe both of them.

Its all started when the Puneesh Sharma called Akash a “Retard” and eventually threw his breakfast all away. But that wasn’t the end of the battle of arguments that was just a beginning that isn’t gonna show any end sign until one of them will be separated from the Bigg Boss house.

The last episode of Bigg Boss season 11 witnessed a heated atmosphere in the house as all of the housemates were asked to pick out the three worst contestants till now. After a brief discussion, the housemates listed the name of three contestants includes Arshi, Puneesh, and Bandgi.

In the middle of the discussion, Puneesh didn’t find comfort being tagged on the list of the worst performer of the week and he totally refused to be on the list. Later in the moment, the heated argument battle had been started between Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani.


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