Bigg Boss season 11: Dhinchak Pooja is disrespected by Hina khan | written update


The third week of the Bigg Boss 11 was damn entertaining as it was full of Ungrounded fights and some shocking news for the housemates and for the viewers as well. And we are sure that you couldn’t get nothing better than this from “Weekend Ka waar” as the show was almost reached the high of being superlative for everyone

Bigg Boss season 5: Dhinchak Pooja is disrespected by Hina khan|  written update
Bigg Boss season 11: Dhinchak Pooja is disrespected by Hina Khan | written update

watch  Dhinchak pooja with Salman Khan

Basically, there is no way you could get your eyes off the show, while you could be entertained by so much of drama, so much of dirty arguments between the housemates, and that is exactly what viewers love the most when they watch Big Boss. Salman Khan’s Big Boss 11 marks its third week with the fake announcement of Sapna Choudhary’s elimination and the wild card entry of “Dhinchak pooja” and now the heated atmosphere of the show is on whole another level. The contestants who are nominated for the weekly eviction, are Hina Khan, Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Sapna Choudhry.

Dhinchak pooja first day at big boss house

This weekend, every contestant get shocked when the show’s host announced the wild card entry of Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja, everybody was in real shock as they just can’t believe their eyes. The new contestant of the Big Boss 11, Dhichak pooja gets a harsh welcome in the house as the rest of the housemates say they she is low-class personality.

When Dhinchak Pooja enters the show Big Boss season 11. as she stepped inside the house, every housemate gets surprisingly shocked and start thinking like why is this happening, why the big Boss has done this to them. well, that was something that they probably didn’t expect to happen but now the show has one more vulnerable housemates. And from now on things will definitely get more interesting in upcoming shows



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