Bigg Boss Tamil: 3 September 2017 Written Episode Full Updates! Julie, Harathi Entry!


Bigg Boss Tamil: 3 September 2017 Written Episode Full Updates! Julie, Harathi Entry: Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan’s show is going on with very stick competition this weekend. As you all may know that Tamil Bigg Boss is on TV since sixty-five days and it started with 15 contestants on 25 June 2017. Well, now you all can say that this show has only 10 candidates vying for the top spot. The Show is already in the climax and people are very excited to see their favorite contestant in the house. Well, if you are looking for the written updates of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 September 2017’s written updates then you are on right page.

Bigg Boss Tamil: 3 September 2017 Written Full Updates! Julie, Harathi Entry!
Bigg Boss Tamil: 3 September 2017 Written Full Updates! Julie, Harathi Entry!

Bigg Boss Tamil is just entered in 10 Week and contestants are excited and nervous too. You can see some big wild card entries and some big elimination. Overall, Julie and Harathi both are back again in the house and sources are saying that they are going to be the reason of war in house. Also, Julie’s conversation with Suja Varunee on the infamous Oviya-Gayathri tiff and Aarav’s conversation with Harathi and Kaajal regarding his relationship with Oviya are the highlights of this tenth week of Bigg Boss, which has just begun.

Bigg Boss Tamil: 3 September 2017 Written Episode Updates

Also, Snehan, Aarav, and Kaajal face elimination this week. As you all know that Bigg Boss said to chose three people from the vote to elimination this week and whole house chose them. Aarav, who was visibly distressed by the negativity surrounding his image become the first target and he apologized for this in front of the whole house and said “”I’m usually not this kind of a person. I was angry with Snehan during that time, and it reflected in my behavior. It was nothing personal. I still have the same respect for him. I would like to apologize to Snehan sincerely and to all the housemates, who feel that I’ve broken their trust.”

“Will you marry Oviya if your parents give their consent?” Kajal asks Aarav Ever since Oviya quit the show, Aarav has frequently been confronted by inmates about the real nature of his relationship with Oviya. “If you go out of the Bigg Boss house and see Oviya waiting outside for you, how will you react?” asked a curious Harathi, who showered lavish praise on Oviya’s free-spirited attitude and genuine emotions.


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