Bigg Boss Tamil: 4th August 2017 Episode 41 Full Written Updates! Oviya LEAVES show!!!


Bigg Boss Tamil: 4th August 2017 Episode 41 Full Written Updates! Oviya LEAVES show: Well, if you are looking for Tamil Bigg Boss 41th Episode written updates then you are on right page. Here we are going to talk about everything which happened today’s show. As per the reports, Bigg Boss Tamil 4th August report was very exciting because after that elimination weekend will start and one of the contestants has to leave the house permanently. So, everyone is trying to save themselves so they can be in that big House.

4th August started with a good morning when everyone is getting ready for the task as usual. Some contestants are not performing that much good in the show and they started fighting from the morning. As you all know that tomorrow is an elimination round and the votings are closed already. Also, the wild card entry is revealing some big issues for the house members and she is becoming the main sources of the fight.

Oviya LEAVES Bigg Boss Tamil show-

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No Doubt! That this weekend everyone is looking quite tired because of the last task. Reports are saying that Bigg Boss is not happy with the performance of some contestants and they are going to be punished by host Kamal Haasan. Oviya Helen is everyone’s favorite and people are voting for her in big numbers. Some sources are saying that Oviya has been evicted from the show because of her health issues.

Even some sources reveal a picture of Oviya going out of Bigg Boss house which is going viral on social media. In the photo, Oviya sitting inside the car is out on social media claiming that she has walked out of the show.

If Oviya leaves the house then it could be a depressing moment for a lot of people. Also, the other contestants are looking quite serious and getting a lot of votes by the people. We don’t know that what exactly going to happen in elimination round but the temperature of the house is rising every day.


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