Bigg Boss Tamil: 5th August 2017 Episode 42 Full written updates | Oviya Leave the show?


Bigg Boss Tamil: 5th August 2017 Episode 42 Full written updates | Oviya Leave the show: If you are looking for a Live 5th August 2017 42 Episode full written updates of Tamil Bigg Boss then you are on right page. Well, as you all know that past few days are very annoying for Kamal Hasaan because Oviya is doing so much drama at the house. As per the reports, she did so many dramas till now but this is not enough now Oviya did something which is unacceptable and that’s why maybe today she can say good bye to the show.

The romantic drama shows Bigg Boss is getting very controversies now. Also, Oviya and Aarav’s love story is getting very good controversy for sure.  Now their love angle pretty much, reached an unexpected climax, as Oviya was desperately trying to walk out of the show. Oviya jumped into the swimming pool at the living quarters and dipped her face in the water with her nose closed on Friday’s episode.

Aarav felt that this is something emergency and he hits the emergency bell which was only allowed at the time of serious emergency. He hit that button and someone came outside from the house took Oviya out of the house. This situation gets pretty tensed when Oviya said that she didn’t want to live in this house. Also, the sources are saying that she is going to get out of the show and Kamal Haasan is very serious after seeing that problem.

Aarav said that he is very serious and wanted her back in the show. As per the reports, she will never come back to the show. Also, the sources are saying that some lawyers filed a case against Kamal Haasan and that is what makes this controversy more serious. Well, we will update you as soon as the next thing happened in the show.


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