#Bluewhale Suicide: What is “Blue whale?” Know everything about it!!!


#Bluewhale Suicide: What is a Blue whale? Know everything about it: Suicide is never an option of anything up and downs are all part of life. Ending your life will never solve your problem it will make you lose. A game called “Bluewhale suicide challenge” which is originated in Russia is now coming to India. This game “Blue whale suicide challenge”  is targeting especially to those which are in stress and wanted to commit suicide in a thrilling way.

A 14-year-old boy name Manpreet Singh from India committed suicide by jumping from the terrace in Mumbai. The story of a boy is that he was depressed and discovered this social networking site called VKontakte. which is very popular in Russia. It is easy to sign up in Vkontakte and after that, you have to search for a blue whale. A blue whale is a group in this social networking site.

Bluewhale suicide challenge is killing teenagers and kids-

After signing up they promised him to turn his suicide into fun by this thrilling game. They started assigning him daily tasks for next 50 days. The tasks include inflicting self-injury, watching horror movies, waking up at odd hours to wrap the task and even carving a whale shape on the arms.The tasks get harder and harder with each day. And on the last day (50th day) admin asked him to commit suicide and he committed suicide. There is no exit.

This game “Bluewhale suicide challenge” is originated in Russia by a psychology student Philipp Budeikin. But the other news also claims the mastermind behind this game is a postman called Ilya Sidorov. He was arrested by Russian police for encouraging teenagers for hurting themselves and committing suicide.This game has already taken 130 lives in Russia and now it is coming to India and already has taken the life of a 14-year-old boy Manpreet Singh. The first ever suicide recorded by this game in 2015.

This game started spreading in social networking site called Vkontakte it is easy to sign up for an account in Vkontakte and once you are logged in and search for #bluewhale you will see weird messages of young peoples who are extremely depressed and wants to commit suicide. There are horrible pictures self-injury ghosts and sketches of peoples bleeding.

Once you start playing this game you will get tasks daily and you have to complete them daily and post a picture of them as a proof this game is of 50 days and on the last day admin will tell you to commit suicide  if you don’t commit suicide they will threat you by saying that they will harm your family members there is no exit.

Dr. Pulkit Sharma who is a psychologist said that this group is created by a psychopath and also said that we have to restrict the access of this kind of sites. Sharma says that the network seems to be a creation of a psychopath. “Such people believe that they are larger than life. They are on a special mission and they have a weird agenda that makes sense to them.

They are fanatical and psychopathic. They see things in extreme, in black and white, the way the alleged creator of the Blue Whale network believes that if he eradicates depressed people, this world will be a happy place,” he says. Such a psychopathic mind could be an outcome of extreme childhood abuse, neglect, and trauma. This is everything about Blue whale suicide game!


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