Breaking News: Football player Neymar leaving the club Barcelona!!!


Breaking News: Football player Neymar leaving the club Barcelona: Neymar (Neymar da silva Santos junior), This young footballer will quit the club or stay with Barcelona? According to the officials, He could transfer himself to Paris Saint-Germain and go for a record of taking transfer fee of 222 million, that ever be taken by any other footballer before for transferring the club in history. Since 2013 this young striker has been playing for Barcelona at 11th position in the team but now the resources saying that due to some payment issues that came to an existence after knowing that he breaking the agreement held between neymar and team he quiting the club.

Really? Club Barcelona blocked the bonus payment

According to the sources, The club Barcelona blocked the amount of $31 million that the young Brazilian footballer has earned this year, due to not taking his training sessions seriously, but it is not the specific reason behind his leaving.

On Wednesday, the star footballer has seen on ground practiseing with the team barcelona, during his tranning sessions. However, the team taking this matter too seriously all the agreement held between them they really matter. But the young star footballer treating his club as an option two and all about to became a PSG foolballer,

The transfer fee of 222 million is the biggest amount of money that any footballer has ever recieved for joining the club, and now the Neymar has the chance to put himself on a world record by grabbing this opportunity but still, It would be great if he thinks more constently about it

Offering a great amount like this would make any player leave his present club and join the club who offering the amount but still the star footballer carry on with his practice with his present team, and he doing the double time on the ground, 25 years old on Wednesday morn25-year-old

Young footballer is on some payment issue now, when he extended his agreement to 2021 to stay with the club, so if he quit the club he cant claim the amout which is supposed to paid by his club to him, But only time will tell that he will leave or stay with his old mates, so stay  connected with us for more latest news about it.



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