Breaking news: Kamal Haasan confirmed his entry into politics!


Breaking news: Kamal Haasan confirmed his entry into politics: Some of you may know that since very long time people are talking about actor Kamal Haasan’s entry on Politics. You all know that how cards are folding since very long time and rumors are spreading in the market that he is going to enter into Politics and going to make his own way out for the clean country. Overall, now reports are coming that on Sunday said he would float a political party and the first step would be the launch of a mobile app on November 7, his 63rd birthday, which would keep him in touch with fans and enable book-keeping.

Yes! You are reading it right because, in his 39th anniversary of his fan/welfare club, this big star is going to be the part of politics or going to enter on politics for sure. You all know that rumors are spreading in the market that he is going to be a big part of politics. Reports are coming that Tamil Nadu continues to be politically volatile though it is almost a year since chief minister J Jayalalithaa died. The ruling AIADMK is battling factionalism that critics say has hit paralyzed the government.

We are sure that you all are going to love this news if you are a big fan of Kamal. Currently, he is busy doing a shoot for his reality show Bigg Boss where he was hosting the show. Haasan said the party would be launched in a calm manner and mobile app was the first step in the direction. Also, the sources are saying that  The actor seems to be following the funding model of Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party.

You all may know that Haasan said a few days back that “Terrorism is different from extremism. I don’t preach my ideology to others. I am a rationalist. If you keep putting people who speak the truth behind bars then the number of jails will not be enough to keep them,” and it is rumoring around in market a lot.


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