Check! Bigg Boss Season 11 New Logo: Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike Navpreet Banga & Shifu Approached!


Bigg Boss Season 11 New Logo: Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike Navpreet Banga & Shifu Approached: BIGG BOSS, as we all know that this show is the part of all the top tv shows of TV World and its TRP is very always strong since the very first day of release. Overall, the sources are saying that the makers changed the logo of the show. According to the current report, the show makers not only changed the logo but also tried to invite the commoners who are popular enough on social media.The show makers are trying to make their show more popular. 

Although everything is same as before in the logo the color of the new logo is reorganized to yellow to make the logo more attractive. Also, Like every time this season again Salman Khan is going to welcome all contestants. Even, some deep sources are saying that dhinchak Pooja was also approached by the makers of Big Boss.

 Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike Navpreet Banga Approached:

According to the reports Priyanka Chopra’s doppelganger, Navpreet Banga has been approached for the new season of BIGG BOSS 11 to attract more audience. Navpreet is a weight lifter and an avid Instagrammer. She became popular as she resembles Bollywood queen PRIYANKA CHOPRA. Navpreet will enter the show as a commoner which can increase the interest of the audience.

Refusion By Shifuji Shaurya Approached for Bigg Boss 11:

According to the Bollywood news the another commoner who was approached was Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj but he gave a shock to everyone as he refused the offer given by the show makers as according to Shifuji he is a ‘GRANDMASTER’ and this may be a reason of this refusion.

Excitement for the bigg boss season 11:

We haven’t seen any excitement regarding BIGG BOSS SEASON 11 in the audience yet but everyone is waiting to see SALMAN KHAN’s new twist and the drama as well. As we all know that this show is popular only because of two reasons one is SALMAN KHAN himself and the another one is the DRAMA of the show.


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