Check! Bigg Boss Tamil: Episode 39, 2 August 2017, updates full written!!!


Check! Bigg Boss Tamil: Episode 39, 2 August 2017, updates full written: The 38th show of Big Boss Tamil has started as game, as you know about the new entry Bindu Madhavi she has to pick up two cards for two existing challenges to show her loving to them, she has to pick one for each one for an ordinary purpose, Bindu puts card number 1 on Ovilya to tell her that she is the most amazing competitor in this show to her and second she puts card number 9 on Julia as she is less loved by her. But still, the other contenders don’t know that why she chooses them.

On the second phase of the show, well it’s tea time and the there’s again two contenders Gayathri and Shakthi, Bindu Madhavi picks up Gayathri. There is another assignment placed in the Big Boss Tamil house, the saree wrapping assignment. The three contenders are Vayyapuri, Ganesh, and Snehan where Snehan finish saree wrapping at last.

The third assignment is given to Aarav and Raiza and the assignment is first completed by Aarav and get a chocolate from Bindu Madhavi. The last task is held between Oviya and Julie they both performed great and Bindu Madhavi gets confused that who is the best one to be a champ.

The boss says that each contender from Bigg Boss house has to choose two head who will suffer to stay in the house,  with a sum of seven votes oviya is the first one choose by housemates, followed by Julie who gets the second numbers of most votes in no favor. Oviya and Aarav they both votes against each other that shows that something went wrong between them after that house found out Aarav talking to Ganesh about how dumb character girl Oviya is.

Shanti thinks that Bindu Madhavi must find a way to get balance with everyone. Each of the contenders has to pick up three hopefuls and reveals the reason for picking them.


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