Check Here! How to Delete your account on Sarahah?


How to Delete your account on Sarahah: As you all know that  there are many of social networking sites like facebook, twitter that ruling the internet by having tonnes of users, and these users would love to spend their time by texting their present active friend on specific sites, but what if you are not able to find out that who texted you plus you can’t even reply to that text then what would you do?

How to Delete your account on Sarahah? 

If you are a regular user of facebook, twitter or uses the internet most of the time then you might not skip the news about the new trending messenger app Sarahah. This app will let you send messages freely to other users of it without being deducted by the receiver, and yes this could be the worst part of it. It is quite obvious that every trending thing looks amazing beside every possibility that can cure a bad impact, however, the people never try not to look at the dark side.

How to Delete your account on Sarahah:

Now, this trending app called Sarahah has come to an existence, the developer of the app says its all depends on loyalty but deep inside our heart we all know it pretty well that it would only take a moment for an unknown sender to text something abusive that may probably consider as a cyber crime. The new app sarahah will let you send messages to the user while using the Facebook account and any time when the link of the receiver is provided but you can’t find out who texted you, this may lead to some unacceptable words that anyone probably don’t wanna hear.  But you can save the messages you get, you can also delete them and if you found the sender abusive you can also block the sender account.

How to get rid of your account on Sarahah:

1-No reply option provided-Yes you can receive the text but you can’t reply to reciever, this could be the worst side of this app specially when you wants to know who is sender.

2- lots of messages-You will pabably get a huge number of messeages without knowing who texted you,

So if you don’t know how to delet your accout on Sarahah we are here to help you, well there is no detet your account option provied in Sarahah but there is a way to delet your account,

Few steps required to delet your account –

1-First you have to login your account on Sarahah

2- When your accout will open click open to setting option which is appeare on the left side of the screen

3- After clicking on setting option you will find out an option named personal setting

4-And at last you will se the remove account option, fill up all of the information required and click remove to delet your account

When your account will be deleted you will no longer able to receive  text from other and your present messages will automatically deleted after deleting your account. How to Delete your account on Sarahah? How to get rid of your account on Sarahah?


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