Check! iPhone 8 Price in India, Release date, news and features!


Check! iPhone 8 Price in India, Release date, news, and features: Finally! the good news for the iPhone lovers that coming straight out of Apple iPhone community.while Appel will be in celebration of its anniversary The first batch of iPhone 8 will hit the market on the special date of 12 September. The final date of launch of iPhone 8 has revealed by its Apple’s own launch event invitation in front of media. Feeling excited about it? Okay now let’s take a look on its features and on what price you can bring it on home.

Check! iPhone 8 Price in India, Release date, news and features!
Check! iPhone 8 Price in India, Release date, news and features!

So as you all know that the body design of new iPhone 8 has been changed by the designer now the phone will come in a new appearance. I mean the phone has a glass body with OLED display and other amazing features like3D face recognition which can also perform well in low light, wireless charging, the phone has no home button on its display which makes is design totally different from its previous sequels.

iPhone 8 Release Date: 12 September

So now let’s take a look its price figure: according to the reports, the lowest Price of Appel iPhone 8 is to be expected $ 999 dollar and the highest price according to its variants is expected to be$ 1199. According to the sources the price of new Apple iPhone 8 will be like, if you buy its 64 GB variant then you will have to pay the price of $999 dollar, and if you buy its next variant which is 256GB then the price will be $1099 dollar, and the last variant is 512 GB which will come at the price of $1199 dollar.The price assumption has already been made by the Apple watcher John Grubber, he had said that the Apple iPhone will come at a price of $1200.

iPhone 8 Price, release date in India-

So now what will be the price in India; the price figures of the Apple iPhone 8 has decided by the company so currently there will be no change in the price tag. So if the price I have mentioned above is accurate then it will easily raise the cost of iPhone 8 to 1 lakh or above.

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Lets differentiated between the price of iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 7: the Apple iPhone 7 which was launched in 2017 has a starting price of Rs. 60,000 for 64GB variant and in The U.S $649 for the same variant so if we roughly calculate the price then we will find out that in India the phone’s price was 20,000 more. So that’s mean the new Apple iPhone 8 will come at the starting price of Rs. 92,000 for the lowest variant of 64 GB and the highest price will raise up to Rs. 1,10,000 for its ultimate variant.


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