Check! iPhone 9 Leaked Display Photo!!!


Check! iPhone 9 Leaked Display Photo: A sudden leaked information about the display size of iPhone 9 now becomes the center of attraction for iPhone lovers who seems already excited for the arrival of new Appel iPhone 8. This information could be nothing but an another rumor in the market but just take a look what sources are saying.

Check! iPhone 9 Leaked Display Photo!!!
Check! iPhone 9 Leaked Display Photo!!!

iPhone 9 Leaked Display Picture?

According to the sources, the consumer electrical giants will disclose the information about two different screen size of OLED iPhones. In which, the first one includes the size of 5.85-inch probably the sequel of the upcoming iPhone 8 device, the second one will be the 6.46-inch model which may be added for some specific purpose. But this would be the biggest display of 6 inches that ever be noted in the history of Appel iPhone.

And another rumor which is also becoming the part of attention is “the collaboration between iPhone and Samsung”. And another source saying that iPhone has started collaborating with Samsung, and yeah it could be possible as the new iPhone 9 plus is expected to arrive with such a big display of 6 inches.

  • May be the new iPhone 9 plus come up with a strong battery life just because of its big display
  • Big display size could lead this phone to a better resolution
  • The marketing of the Appel iPhone may be increased in future
  • Reports are saying that new iPhone devices will come up the function like PCB


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