7 crore! Bengali Cockpit 12th day box office collection


Bengali Cockpit 12th day box office collection: the movie Cockpit has been doing a stable business since the very first. This Bengali language thriller had started its first day of opening with an average collection of Rs 90 lakh in domestic while another big budget release was also on the peak by getting good attention. The storyline of this Bengali language Indian drama thriller is different, and as its title sounds like you guys better guess the specific field the story based on. Well, the movie is trading well in the domestic market by collection good response from the audience. We are here to tell you the total earning report of Cockpit

Bengali Cockpit 6th / 7th-day box office collection, trading well since its release

Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s debut directorial Cockpit has been collection mixed reviews from all over, despite that the movie’s earing indicates stable analysts report. First three days of its opening show was running with an average occupancy of 20% which was really a good sign for the bright upcoming show of the movie.

Cockpit 12th day box office collection

This is not the first time when Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and Dev Adhikari is collaborating, well their previous collaboration didn’t put any good impact at the box office collection business, so basically, this movie was for the purpose to change the time as by getting good attention and whole lot of appreciation from the movie watchers

Despite, having a lot of noisy competition around, the movie is trading deaf without worrying about another big-budget release. The movie has collected a good amount of Rs 3.20 crore throughout its first weekend. It looks like the viewers have finally found out the meaning of different storyline.

Cockpit Total box office collection-

This week has witnessed a ton of big-budget release, so basically, the movie watchers have a lot of options this week and it was quite possible to make its high for those flicks, having a loose storyline. The Bengali movie Cockpit has finally saved itself from the tag of being a flop. And it would be a great news for the makers

The movie has collected a total earning of Rs 7 crores (approx) from its first opening week and it think the movie still could keep its constant in upcoming days of show


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