Delhi High Court rejected the Bail Application of Honeypreet insan


New Delhi, the high court has rejected the bail plea of Honeypreet insan and ask her to surrender. The court has given her a notice that there is no such other way left in way of accepting any bail plea, so surrender is the one easiest way around for her

Delhi High Court rejected the Bail Application of Honeypreet insan

On Tuesday, the Dehli High court has dismissed the anticipate bail plea of Honeypreet Insan, due to her unlawful behaviour and stir up violence since the day Ram Rahim has proved guilty in charges of two Rape cases, and now the High Court is lost the patience on unaccepted behaviour of Honeypreet against law

Honeypreet has been avoiding the order of High Court by escaping from place to place. Although she has filed a bail plea that had already dismissed by the High Court. what she has done is not been tolerating by the Court, now the order of High court seems unfamiliar to Honeypreet as she avoiding the legal arrest

According to the report, the bail plea was for misguiding the Dehli High Court. She was tricking the court as given the wrong residential addresses of Delhi property. The adopted daughter of Ram Rahim, Honeypreet has now placed herself on the list of most wanted persons, which also included 42 other suspects.



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