Live: Delhi Smog Updates; Air quality is improving today!


Live Delhi Smog Updates; Air quality is improving today: In compares to Monday, the air quality on Wednesday seemed quite familiar to the lungs. If you are looking for the regular updates of Delhi climate then you are on the right page. Here we going to publish the Delhi air quality reports on the everyday basis and also about the new policies of the government which would be helpful to bring us back in healthy nature, only if they apply.

Live: Delhi Smog Updates; Air quality is improving today!

Dehli smog Updates- According to the reports, the NGT seemed quite aggressive on the government scheme this Tuesday, especially after when they found out that the two-wheelers are spreading more polluting than any other regular four wheeler vehicle. and if these reports are true then there are only a few days left to get caught in the middle of poor climate situation. Golmaal Again Box office collection-

Air quality is improving today-

Live updates- According to the info, the National Green Tribunal, Delhi has revealed some negative elements of the Odd-Even scheme to the government. according to NGT, the scheme seemed less affecting during a last ago and it surely needs a modification before the climate gets more worst to live. And also it asked the government that the given explanation is not that effective, and they need a better logical explanation in a limited time.

It has been a week ago since the whole Delhi started its suffer from worst climate situation and all of the policies of government seemed less effective or rather I say it seemed to fail in every aspect. There are many of questions that indicate the carefree behavior of the government. according to the vehicle rationing scheme, the government said that they are going to state about some healthy solution that would erase most of the bad impact of this crisis but until now they still holding on that same old ODD-EVEN Policy. Last time, the government said that they will procure 4000 special busses and also special buses for women but until now the government didn’t any single step about it.



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