Egise Taara Juvvalu 1st day/ 2nd day box office collection | Total Worldwide Earning!


Egise Taara Juvvalu 1st day/ 2n day box office collection | Total Worldwide Earning: the movie Egise Taara Juvvalu has started running weak at the box office collection business. The movie has collected a poor amount of Rs. 80 lakh from its first opening day and now the maker of the movie hoping for the best to happen. The film is tuned by Ghantasala Vishwanath. Check- Aramm Box office collection

Egise Taara Juvvalu 1st day/ 2n day box office collection | Total Worldwide Earning!

Egise Taara Juvvalu Box office earning 1st day: Mahesh Kathi directorial debutant Egise Taara Juvvalu witness a slow start at box office business.Despite, being released on the occasion of children’s day it seems like the movie is not able to stand a chance to survive. It has failed to gain an effective buzz which would be quite enough to keep it safe from being a flop but it seems like the makers of the movie didn’t come up with a well executive storyline. Co-Surya Box office collection-

The movie Egise Taara Juvvalu is an Indian-Telugu-drama thriller, being released on 14th November 2017, during children day. The film starring an ensemble star cast includes Mater Yashwanth Reddy, sowmya Venugopal, Abhay Bethigantu, Ajay Gosh, Priyadarshi Pulikonda and Baby Hasini in respective roles. The movie is helmed by Mahesh Kathi on his self-penned script.

Egise Taara Juvvalu box office collection-

The movie has failed to create an expected buzz on its first day of opening and hopelessly ended up with an unsatisfied amount of Rs. 80 lakh from domestic. The storyline of the revolves around under-privileged school kids, participating in a science fair conduct. The film is all about their efforts towards the winning prize.

Mahesh Kathi directorial debutant Eglise Taara Juvvalu has started its first day of opening with lots of mixed review of critics. And we are sure that this is exactly what its makers were expecting form this week as there is a lot of big-budget releases which has already started running to get the weekly crown. So basically there is no hope for ineffective content this week.


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