Flop! Hindi Movie Shreelancer First day box office collection

flop-Hindi-movie-shreelancer-first-day-box-office-collection: The story of the movie is based on a lifestyle of a Shreelancer copywriter who is driven crazy by its every day earning expectations which are not going good, exactly opposite of what he wanted from life and job. He is not happy with its normal earning because he expected more according to its work so he can fulfill the satisfaction bar by after getting what he actually deserves, his real life is totally different from what he posting on Facebook. Yes, he wanted it to change his lifestyle and then a sudden road trip to Manali to attending his friend’s marriage ceremony will change his life in mysterious ways.

Flop! Hindi Movie Shreelancer First day box office collection

The budget of the movie is small but the directory part of the movie is simple but strongly good this is going to the third movie of Sandeep Mohan so there is a little bit chance of getting strong attention from the viewers.

Flop! Hindi Movie Shreelancer First day box office collection:

positive factors:

  • The story of the movie is based on the actual remedies of life, so the crowd may get attracted to the movie
  • The directory section of the movie is great as much as the screenplay is.

Negative factors:

  • The film starring some fresh new talent which is not that popular and not well know by their previous work was done.
  • loosing hand in promotion section, less well-pictured banners could be the cause getting less attention.

Our personal reviews-

The movie is all about chasing the dream with passion and how to make a good living by doing your dream work, the first half of the movie may hurt you but at the end, you will surely get motivated, so I think you should not miss this flick.

Directed by:  Sandeep Mohan

Produced by:  Giju John and Sandeep Mohan

Casting: Arjun Radhakrishna, Monica Mahendra, Salmin Sheriff and Karanveer

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Rate: 2/5

Release date: 18 August 2017




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