Flop! Indu Sarkar 5th day box office collection!!!


Total earning of indu Sarkar on its 5th day: July– This movie is released on 28 July 2017, based on political issues. Possibilities of hitting the box office high is certainly low for this movie because till now indu sarkar hasn’t put any good impression on box office collection, the political concept that the movie based on seems like the only way to keep this story on the waves of headlines but the earning of this movie till now seems dumb.

However, this movie is not based on true story but that is not the only factors make people unlikely to it. The director of the movie Bharat Bhandarkar surely wasn’t hoping for this to happen but still. And on the same date on 20 July 2017, this movie is released on overseas too but still hasn’t put any good earning in box office report.

5th-day box office collection of the movie-

The movie is released on Friday and as we know, the movie is well produced by Bharat Shah and directed by Bharat Bhandarkar, the casts of this movie included many of old and some fresh talent, like- Kriti Kulhari, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Supriya Vinod, Anupam Kher and at last Tota Roy Chowdhury. but still, then the first week office collection got it good but way more far away from being excellent.

Here are the reports of total earning of this movie on each day basis-

1st-day collection of Indu Sarkar:  1.03 crores

2st-day collection of Indu Sarkar:   1.09 crores

3rd-day collection of Indu Sarkar:   1.50 crores

4st  and 5th-day collection of Indu Sarkar: almost 2 crores

First weekend Indu sarkar box office collection-

The story is based on the political war use to happens around us, but still not based on true story, but the idea of the story is been taken from that time when Indira Gandhi was ruling the political parties. As we see above the 1st-day collection of the movie is not so good but when it comes to the day 2nd  we can see the changes occurred in ratio and as per day 3rd  the weekend brought some good money to the makers.

4th and 5th-day collection report of Indu Sarkar- 

As a combined score its seem bigger but still, if we do the math the final result will bring no pleasure to its maker “The story of women who fought for the independence of the country’s people, women who came out as an idol to show the path of truth to her people.”



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