Hindi Kid’s Movie Sniff Review & Ratings, Box office collection


Hindi Kid’s Movie Sniff Review & Ratings, Box office collection: Sniff is an upcoming Indian action adventure movie which is scheduled to be released on 25 August 2017 in the maximum amount of movie theatre. The screenplay of the movie included such a great and different story of a kid, this movie is totally a family movie so there is little bit chance of getting attention from romance lover but still this is one of the great movies which holding a motivational story, spreading a great piece of knowledge that everything happens for a reason and you should have to accept the truth and still you can do the extraordinary things after all that.

Hindi Kid's Movie Sniff Review & Ratings, Box office collection
Hindi Kid’s Movie Sniff Review & Ratings, Box office collection

This is the story of a kid so it quite obvious that the movie starring a kid, Baby Sunny Gill playing a lead role along with Surekha Sikri in supporting roles, the movie is directed and written by Amole Gupta and this creation is produced by Jyoti Deshpande

Story plot:

This is a story of a kid who gets an extraordinary ability to smell things after an accident at the very age of eight, after having such ability he uses this skill to chasing thieves, bank robbers and every thing that could find out by sniffing. There is no specific villain in the story and also the kid is not a CBI agent either. The movie is all about adventure of a kid who is down with his extraordinary skill of sniffing and his skill at doing great thing at very small age of eight

Hindi Kid’s Movie Sniff first day Box office collection

Positive factors:

  • The storyline of the movie contains a lot of new things so there is a big chance of getting people attention towards its premier
  • The direction of the movie is well executed with a small budget

Negative factors:

  • There no big name related to its starring
  • The promoting section of the movie is not well executed by its makers

Directed by: Anmol Gupta

Produced by: Jyoti Deshpande

Casting:  Baby Sunny Gill and Surekha Sikri

Genre: Adventure thriller

Language: Hindi

Rate: 3/5

Release date: 25 August 2017


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