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Hindi Movie Gurgaon Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop: Gurgaon is a twisted story of a real states baron who don’t want to hold onto his dark past but kidnapping of a dear one made him go through all of the madness that he went through before, the movie is based on commercial issues of a violent society, a dark city where there every head can even do thug for making a good and rich living, the maker of the movie don’t wanna loose hand on producing activities. He rather using social media as one of the liable and cheapest means of publicity these days.

The directory of the movie Shankar Raman worked good on the previous projects that he was on, so this movie could be the blockbuster movie of this month. This movie is a low budget movie so that means straight it doesn’t afford a big name with it, but still the makers have found a perfect name who actually didn’t work in lots of movies but after a successful victory of gangs of wasseypur, it won take much longer to make its name bigger than ever, yes I am talking about Pankaj Tripathi who always be remembered for his dark role.

Hindi Movie Gurgaon Movie Review & Ratings-

In this movie Pankaj Tripathi plays a role of real satate business who lately found himself into stress and get addicted to boose, he has three children and a wife, any one of from the family don’t know how he gets rid of the low life that they were living only the father knows,

The two most amazing character of the movie is said to be is preet nand mother singh, that both have collected so much of people’s attention by their performances

The movie is directed by Shanker Raman, the screenplay was written by Raman, Sourabh Ratnu, Yogi Singha and shaan Mohammed, the backgroung music is given by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedit Tayler

The movie is featured with, Pankat Tripathi as a real state business who’ s living a dark life, Shalini Vasta as his wife, Ragini Khanna plays his daughter as preet, Akshay Oberoi plays his older sons’ role.

The movie premiere will be released on 4th August 2017 over worldwide.


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