Hollywood! The Dark Tower 1st day box office collection | worldwide!


Hollywood! The Dark Tower 1st day box office collection | worldwide: After been popular by his first novel “Carrie” the amazing writer of science fiction Stephen King is being unstoppable by giving a good piece of work to industry every year. He is the one of the best well know horror writer who makes all of the horrer movie’s lovers from all across the world fall amazed to the way his writing skill got it really.  44 years of his career, mean Almost half of his lifetime is spent on giving his blast hits to an industry that he possibly is coming out with every year.

Many of the movie and t.v serials has beloved by the fantasy lovers which was based on his writing creations, so as per this year a another movie “the dark tower” which is based on one of his novels series is released in August 2017, he is not the only writer who has wrote a plenty of books  but if we talk about horror part he is only one who knows how to make it so different but still keep it real, so the movie is the based on the 8th one series of the king’s creations.

First-day box office collection of The Dark Tower worldwide- 

The movie is released on 4th of August 2017 over world wide, and expected to earn one-third more than the money which was invested on its making, can this movie beat the box office? A lot of question is running inside the maker’s mind, but the collection of the movie depends on lots of factors and yes the fan following of the writer of the book is the very first factor.

the second one is the subsequent  release of the Kathryn Bigelow’ drama Detroit and some other releases, so the competition will surely be not so simple to fight with, as per expectations the movie may earn $30 million dollars within boundaries which seem possible with all of the hard work be placed by makers.


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