How To Delete Sent/Receive Messages on Sarahah? Check here!


How To Delete Sent/Receive Messages on Sarahah? Check here!: Sarahah is a messaging app which is available on Google play store and Apple app store you can download it from free. Sarahah app is especially focused on trust and privacy which allows its user to send and receive anonymous messages. Here You will know that how to remove  Sent or Received Messages on Sarahah

How To Delete Sent/Receive Messages on Sarahah? Check here!

Sarahah started as a  workplace feedback tool but many peoples started using it on Snapchat. This app lets you send and receive feedbacks and let you learn what other feel about you.

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Sarahah is adding new user daily and many of sarahah users are asking How to delete messages on sarahah  .” send can you delete send messages in sarahah app” etc we have created a really good article for you guy on how to delete sent messages from sarahah. I hope that this article will solve all your doubt related to sarahah app.

How To Delete Sent Message On Sarahah:

There is no available option for the user’s which let them delete any sent message through Sarahah.But there is one and only way available of deleting a message is that you can ask the receiver to delete your sent message on Sarahah.if he/she agrees to delete your sent messages from their inbox then it will remove your sent messages from Sarahah.

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How To Delete Received Messages On Sarahah:

There is no option to delete sent messages but Yes, there is an option available for deleting received Messages on Sarahah.Read our step by step guide to delete received messages on sarahah.

1.Download sarahah app from google play store or Apple app store, If u already have sarahah app on your device than just open sarahah app.

2.Login to your account and if you don’t have an account then create a new one.

  1. Click on “Received” tab.
  2. Finally, click on “x” sign to delete the message.

Just follow our this guide and you will able to delete any sent and received messages on Sarahah. If you have any question related to Sarahah feel free to ask us.Well, Now we hope that you know that how you can really remove Sent/Receive Messages on Sarahah. If you have any query related to this app then let us know in comment section.


    • We already told you that there is no available way of deleting your sent message…it all depends on reciever if he /she deletes it then he will have no evidence related to your sent message


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