Hit! Huliraya 3rd day box office collection, Total earnings!


Hit! Huliraya 3rd day box office collection, Total earnings: The movie Huliraya has been receiving an average amount of attraction as it ended up its first day of opening with an average occupancy of 25 percent. Critics reports are coming out positive, especially the maker has been receiving good words of mouth for the simple but effective storyline of the movie. and I think the upcoming day will surely bring some good news to the makers of the Huliraya because of having no such Major competition, it looks like there is only one car in a lane. We are here to tell you the box office collection of Huliraya.

Hit! Huliraya 3rd day box office collection, Total earnings!
Hit! Huliraya 3rd day box office collection, Total earnings!

1st-day box office collection: Huliraya starring an ensemble star cast of Balu Nagendra, Divya Uruduga and Chirashree Anchan in prominent roles. The movie is directed by Aravind Kaushik oh his self-penned script, plus the production work was under control of him. Balu Nagendra starrer Huliraya has been receiving mixed reviews for the bad performance for the star cast of the movie. critics are saying, the weak performance of cast is doing nothing but affecting the overall performance of the movie.

Huliraya 3rd day box office collection-

Total 1st-day box office collection: The story of Huliraya is based on the life of Suresaa, a boy who was born and grown up in the forest of Karnataka. The storyline of the movie brings out interesting when unwanted circumstance makes him leave the forest life and start a life in the city. The storyline of the movie is receiving tons of positive reviews from all over, that is why the movie has started doing such trade without having less amount of screen.

Huliraya box office collection-

Huliraya has collected a total amount of Rs. 0.90 crore on the first day of its opening, that is such  a great amount for a low budget movie this, that is why the makers of the movie seems positive to it and I hope it will get more buzz in upcoming day of shows


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