Tamil! Ippadai Vellum Review and Ratings, Box office prediction!


Tamil! Ippadai Vellum Review and Ratings, Box office prediction: If you are here looking for the Tamil movie “Ippadai Vellum” review and ratings then great because this article is for you. Here, we are going to share the full information about Ippadai Vellum and will give you few reasons to watch out this movie or not. Tamil movie “Ippadai Vellum” is much awaited and highly hyped movie which is released today all over the world. Now, we can say that this movie is based on good comedy-drama and action which is why I think you, all are going to love it. Check out the Ippadai Vellum Review and Ratings below.

Ippadai Vellum Box office collection
Ippadai Vellum Box office collection

Now, we can say that Ippadai Vellum is a Tamil action comedy movie which is written and directed by Gaurav, starring Udhayanidhi Stalin and Manjima Mohan in the leading roles, with Daniel Balaji, R. K. Suresh, and Soori in supporting roles. The film began production in September 2016. You are going to love this flick because of the great production quality and direction work. This movie is based on drama and full fiction. You’ll surely going to like the action work and comedy for sure.

Ippadai Vellum Review-

Ippadai Vellum is a great movie which is released this Friday at the box office. You will surely going to love the direction and production quality. Also, the movie featured great comedy and acting work. You can say that all the characters are quite engaging and keep on connected with the plot. The screenplay could be the weakest point of the movie because sometimes it feels like that thing could be presented perfectly on the screens. Here, I want to give a negative point to cinematography work because it is also not looking that good.

Ippadai Vellum Story, Cast, and other details-

You can say that Ippadai Vellum is based on full action and it is a commercial movie. You can watch this flick at your nearest cinema and you will not regret it. Udhayanidhi Stalin is looking quite aggressive awesome in his character in the movie. As you all know that he is leading the movie as a main leading character.

Ippadai Vellum Watch or not?

Well, No doubt this is a tricky question that this movie is must watched or not at the box office because of the good direction, production, and acting I think you shouldn’t miss this movie at any chance. Ippadai Vellum is all about commercial entertainment and viewers are going to be entertained for sure.

Directed by: Gaurav Narayanan

Produced by: A. Subaskaran

Written by: Gaurav Narayanan

Starring: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan

Music by: D. Imman

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Edited by: Praveen K L

Releasing Date: 09/11/2017

Ratings: 4/5



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