Horror! IT Movie Review: First day Box office collection


Horror! IT Movie Review: First day Box office collection: After Creating a lot of buzz in between people finally Stephen King’s 1986 novel based movie “IT” released at the box office or going to release at some box office soon. Now, People are all ready because they have big expectations for this movie. As per the reports, first day box office collection reports are going to be good because IT has a positive buzz in between people. Also, the Pre-release buzz is extraordinary and people are expecting much horror and suspense from the movie.

IT Movie Review: First day Box office collection, Worth to watch it?
IT Movie Review: First day Box office collection, Worth to watch it?

You all may know that IT is a 2017 American supernatural horror movie which is based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel of the same name.  Also, the movie is directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman. Also, it is coming out under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures. Now if we talk about the storytelling and direction work then we can say it is looking good.

Dark Horror movie fans are not going to be disappointed

No doubt! Makers wanted to make sure that viewers get terrified with the screenplay and acting and they worked hard on it. You can say horror plot is justifying because of good acting and screenplay work. Also, the Story narration is looking fantastic. You can easily see the hard work of makers and other cast and crew.

IT Movie Review

Rotten Tomatoes has the movie on an impressive 91% reviews, but here the fact is that they didn’t calculate the original reviews till now and soon the exact reviews from their site are going to be out for sure. Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wolfhard are the main cast in the movie.  Till now the comments are coming that the movie is not good for a dark horror movie lover. Some people are saying that “effective Horror” part was missing.

Also, the makers tried their hard to put the burden of dark characters on young hands so they can connect with youngsters as much as they can. Here, we want to congratulate the actors because it is not that easy movie as it seems. Even the kids did great work with their newly un-tested acting skills. Also, some facts about background music and cinematography may be able to make you engage with the plot.

Watch it or not?

You don’t really want to miss this movie because so much is waiting for you. Yes! You may probably here that horror and thriller are weak and some other critics may say that the movie is not good as expected, but we think you should go out and watch it if you are one of those who was waiting for it from time.

IT First day Box office collection:

Consider it as an advice “Don’t read reviews and judge this movie by yourself.” You won’t regret it for sure. Now, the first day box office collection reports are yet to come because the movie is still taking places in box office theaters. As per the reports “Online Ticket Booking” is going good and we may see some houseful shows for the movie in the United States.


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