#KanganaRanaut! Revealed surprising facts about her “Silly Ex” Hrithik Roshan!


#KanganaRanaut! Revealed surprising facts about her “Silly Ex” Hrithik Roshan: Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat has been amazed by the words as Actor Kangana Ranaut disclosed everything about what she been through when she was in a relationship with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. The whole atmosphere of Aap Ki Adakal was on fire when she was telling a bunch of untold stories about this past relationship, and how the Roshan Family had exposed every fact related to his personal life.

#KanganaRanaut! Revealed surprising facts about her "Silly Ex" Hrithik Roshan!
#KanganaRanaut! Revealed surprising facts about her “Silly Ex” Hrithik Roshan!

One of the most charming actresses of the Bollywood Kangana Ranaut has converted the whole silence into the explosion, what she has shared with Aap Ki Adalat is one of the darkest parts of her life and now it gaining trend from everywhere. She came in like an angel coming straight from above but this flawlessness couldn’t  hold her tears much longer. the whole environment of Aap Ki Adalat was stumbled by her word which totally seemed unfamiliar to the whole Roshan Family, She has revealed every dark memory when she was in a relationship with Bollywood Star Hrithik Roshan and how he and his family exposed everything publicly about her personal details which made her jump in the well of embarrassment

Check what Kangana Ranaut shared in Rajat Sharma’s show Aap ki Adalat:

  • He wanted me and his wife either: the first thing that Kangana Ranaut shared in AAP KI Adalat. She said, he was a married man and I respect his decision that he didn’t want to leave his wife Sussanne, I didn’t want him to do that either, so I said leave me you just can’t be focused on two things at a time and it would be a lie if you say it confidently that you can accept both of us me and your wife, but he’d never done and kept forcing me for not leaving.
  • I don’t know the reason why Sussanne left him, but I found it little weird when he said I think we should take our relationship in public now, I think we can have a bright future, but I told him that we can be good friends this is not the right this to do, it would be better if we forget about our past relationship and move ahead in our lives, but again he kept forcing me for not leaving
  • we broke up in 2014 but he wanted to come back in my life when my movie queen had become a successful creation. She said it was started when he was at the shooting in Manali, I called him to ask him that why didn’t he wish me on Valentine’s day. He said, why would I do that we have nothing to talk about, I think you still want to hide our relationship from the public and that is why I don’t wanna talk to you. After hearing all that I was like what did he just said, I really didn’t expect that from him. But after when everybody was talking about the queen success a sudden phone call from him amazed me, he said, first of all, I am sorry, you have done a great job in Queen.


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