Kannada Movie Kireeta First week Box office collection


Kannada Movie Kireeta First week Box office collection: The dramatic Kannada movie Kireeta is released on 28 July 2017 over worldwide, the storyline of this movie is quite different but it looks like the movie is not able to put a good impression on box office business after spending such days of its release. The low budget of the movie and losing a hand in production may be the cause of being a flop.

However, the other movie that was released on the same date still been doing a great business at the box office. But if we talk about the production rate then there we can see that how much it would be necessary to focus on the movie’s story publicity before its release. The lead role is played by Samartha, a boy name devru who is an orphan, fell for three different girls once in a while, the all three girls playing an important role in the movie.

Movie starter: Samartha, Deepti Kapse, Lekha Chandra, Risheeka Singh, Ugramm Manju

Directed by: Karan Chandra

Box office collection, as per day report, kireeta

1st-day box office collection (Friday): 50 lakh

2nd-day box office collection (Saturday): 33.3 lakh

3rd-day box office collection (Sunday): 40.5 lakh

4th-day box office collection (Monday): 20.8 lakh

5th-day box office collection (Tuesday): 9.9 lakh

6th-day box office collection (Wednesday): 2 lakh

As you can see the assumption that I mentioned right above is not in the favor of movie makers, the director of the movie Karan Chandra does not seem satisfied with the collection of the movie at the box office. The first day of movie release didn’t bring any surprise to the team, even the first weekend of its release didn’t bring any joyful news to its production. The total collection of the movie till now is not that enough to call it huge but still, the makers are hoping for the best.



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