Kannada! Raj Vishnu 12th Day Box Office Collection | Hit or flop


Kannada! Raj Vishnu 12th Day Box Office Collection | Hit or flop: The earning of the movie is not going well over box office business, the viewers seem less attractive toward its opening. There are so many factors that affecting the earning of the movie first of all the losing hand in promotion part, it is the very first step taken before you going to release a movie and its looks like makers didn’t focus on that section and the second one is the other subsequent release.This drama flick is released on 4 August 2017 over worldwide but still not able to put a good impression over box office business till now.

Kannada! Raj Vishnu 12th Day Box Office Collection | Hit or flop

It’s seems like a bad start leads to the worst end and that is exactly what’s happening, the first day of its released, wasn’t able to cross the least amount of 1 crore over world, and as the day proceeds the earning of the movie is getting decreases day by day, its seems hard for the director of the movie to go on good with a remake because the story you are working with is already well known by the viewers and if you possibly do some changes in story the viewers will judge your movie with being watching a single part of it, so it is quite important to take care of the promotion part of the movie because that is the only way the movie makers could use to give some hint about the changes, and it will surely help to earn some more bucks over box office collection.

Kannada! Raj Vishnu 12th Box office collection  as per day basis:

1st-day box office collection (Friday): 0.80 crores

2nd day box office collection (Saturday): 0.60 crores

3rd day box office collection (Sunday): 0.72 crores

4th day box office collection (Monday):0.42 crores

5th day box office collection(Tuesday): 0.40

6th day box office collection(Wednesday): 0.30 crores

7th day box office collection (Thursday): 0.24 crores

The total earning of Kannada Raj Vishnu has barely crossed the score of 4 crores from its first week of opening.

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