Kannada! Saheba first day/ 2nd day box office collection


Kannada! Saheba first day/ 2nd day box office collection: The movie is released on 25th August 2017 at an average number of the big screen in domestic. it is said to be a low budget movie that is why the promotion part of the movie is weak but still, the movie getting some good talk related to its storyline and directory part and the chemistry of both of the lead roles is now became the point of attraction for its viewers.

Saheba box office collection
Saheba box office collection

Kannada Movie Saheba first day box office collection:

The movie starring Manoranjana Ravichandran and Shanvi  Srivastava in lead roles along with Pramila Joshai, Bullet Prakash, Kuri Pratap, Gopal Deshpande and Julie Lakshmi in supporting roles, the movie is directed and written by Bharath and produced by Jayanna Bhogendra under the banner of Jayanna Combines. This Kannada creation doing a good business over box office business at the first day of its opening at box office collection. According to the critics, the movie getting most of the people attraction even after getting released with other big budget movie plus the movie starring fresh talents who are not well known by the viewers but still their acting skills helping its makers to get more buzz towards its creation.

Kannada Saheba 2nd day box office collection

Opposite of all of the bad talk about it’s earning and all of the bad assumptions that probably be assumed as a pre- calculation the movie is gaining great at box office business, in fact, the movie is released in limited number of movie theaters but its first day of opening is finally getting a huge amount of appreciation and good words from its viewers

Kannada Saheba total box office collection:

The movie is based on a love story of two young one named Mano and Nandin, they both have a different thinking about life and love so the movie is all about how they work passionately about their future in their own ways, I am sure that the story of the movie will definitely lead you to a fire climax.


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