Punjabi! Kirdar-E-Sardar Movie Review & Ratings, First Day Box Office Collection


Punjabi! Kirdar-E-Sardar Movie Review & Ratings, First Day Box Office Collection: The movie Kirdar-E-Sardar is an upcoming Punjabi language Indian action film which is all set to release on 29th September 2017 in the domestic market and as well as in overseas market. This is the only Punjabi movie releasing this Friday so there would be a huge chance of getting an enormous amount of viewers appreciation in domestic. The storyline of the movie contains a social message to the young crowd of the country who has been addicted to drug affiliation. The movie will definitely start trading well in upcoming days as there is no other Punaji movie releasing on the same day.

Kirdaar E Sardaar Official Poster

Kirdar-E-Sardar Review & Ratings –

Movie review: the movie starring Nav Bajwa and Neha Pawar in prominent role along with K S Makhan, Raza Murad and Dolly Bindra as supporting actors. The director of the movie Jatinder Singh Jeetu turns to his directorial venture with the script penned by Kudrat pal. This year has gone well to the Punjabi movie industry till now, now here is another Punjabi movie releasing on this Friday which is expected to earn good amount of people appreciation as the movie storyline contains a big-wide message to the viewers.

Story plot: the story of the movie shows a dark path of our society which is drug addiction, plus the story also revolves around a life of a dominant boxer. If you are looking for an action movie which contains a serious message then you should watch this movie as soon as it released.

Postive points:

  • The direction work is good and well executed with screenplay
  • The movie went through a strong promoting work by using every possible way like well-picturized poster, by social media and many other ways

Negative points:

  • The Cinematography is average

Kirdar-E-Sardar First day Box office collection

Directed by: Jatinder Singh Jeetu

Produced by: Kudrat pal

Casting: Nav Bajwa, Neha Pawar, K.S Makhan, Raza Murad and Dolly Bindra

Music by: Daljit Singh

Rate: 3/5

Release date: 29th September 2017



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