Kumkum Bhagya: 3 August 2017 full episode written updates


Kumkum Bhagya: 3 August 2017 full episode written updates: So this episode started with Disha’s dad telling Pradeep that he is no longer able to speak anything all he can say is that everything that happened can be done right if Pradeep doesn’t break marriage with Disha.Disha’s dad started crying and request Pradeep not to break this marriage and begs him to accept Disha. Then Pradeep’s dad says that he can understand the situation but everything is out of hand now and this marriage is not possible now. Disha’s dad begs him and says don’t do this please accept Disha she is a good girl.

Pradeep mother says that if Disha was her daughter then she would have killed her and also says that this marriage is not possible now then Disha’s dad req her to not break this marriage. Neighbor start gossips that Disha has drowned the reputation of her dad is better not to have a daughter like her. Pradeep says that he can understand everything and says after all this he can’t marry her now it’s a question about my whole life.Bua says to Pradeep that put yourself in our place and think about it and also says that please forgive her don’t break the marriage.

On the other side, Abhi enters his room and see Munni on saree. Munni says that we are meeting after a long time and says Mitali helped her with wearing saree.Munni asks Abhi how she looks and then Abhi says that she looks very beautiful just like her old fuggi aka Pragya sweet and simple. Abhi noticed that Pragya is not wearing her Mangalsutra he asked him and she says she forgets to wear and then Abhi says wait he will get the Mangalsutra.

On another side, Disha comes from her room and says she also doesn’t want to marry the guy who doesn’t trust his choice.Pradeep goes to her and says that not to take him wrong if you put yourself in my place then you will do the same. Disha says to  Pradeep that she is getting punished for a crime that she has not committed. Pradeep says that she always wanted to marry Disha but now with this situation, He can’t marry her because he has to think about society and about his parent he also has younger sister no one will marry her.Purab says to Pradeep that Disha was really happy about her marriage and also please don’t leave her if you love her please accept her.Then Sangram Singh orders his goons to take Purab in store room he will deal with him later.Pradeep dad tells him to let’s go now and they all start going but tries to stop them.

On the other side dadi was praying to God and thanking him to give her Pragya back she also says please God heal the Pragya as soon as possible from her illness suddenly Mittal comes and tell her that she helped Pragya to get dressed up and she has also seen Abhi going to Pragya’s room.

Sangram Singh goes to Purab and says that he will watch him later, for now, he will watch Disha. Sangram Singh  says to his goons that he will get revenge from Disha because of the slap and the episode ended with Abhi trying to make Munni  wear Mangalsutra from his hand but Munni was not ready to wear Managalsutra from his hand because she believes that wearing Mangulstra from his hand will make her his wife for which she is not ready.

So, this is Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2017 full episode written updated.  You can get all information about Zee TV’s Show “Kumkum Bhagya” every day from this Padhonews.com. Also, you can get other news and tv serial from here.


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