Kumkum Bhagya: 4th August 2017 Full Episode Written Update!


Kumkum Bhagya: 4th August 2017 Full Episode Written Update: So the show starts with Alia and Tannu they are thinking hard about running the Pooja. Suddenly Alya comes up with a plan and says that she will do something bad and will put all the blame on Munni. On the other side, Purab was thinking about a way of contacting Abhi so he can take him away.

Purab thinks that what will happen to Disha if he goes away from here.Disha’s father and Buaji are crying a lot. Buaji says that now who will marry Disha her life is ruined. Buaji says that her life will become hell now no one will marry her and also neighbors will gossip about her. Sangram Singh steps in and says that his brother is a politician and also a social worker.

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So that’s why he will also become a social worker. He says that whatever happened with Disha is not right but I didn’t do this intentionally. Sangram Singh says to Bua that he has one solution for their problem. Buaji asks what? Then he says that he will marry Disha. Buaji gets very happy and says you are like a God for us.Disha’s father says that he will need a time for preparation as he has already taken a loan from the bank.

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Sangram Singh says him that he doesn’t have to worry about the preparation because he will marry Disha today in the same mandap suddenly everyone becomes happy. On the other side, Tannu and Alia start shouting on Munni that why is she wearing that marriage dress? Munni starts laughing. Sangram Singh was still thinking about how Disha slapped him. That’s a very big insult to him and what if this new get spread everywhere it can destroy his reputation.He says to Disha that she has to pay for slapping him . he will do everything with her on their Suhagraat. Disha gets shocked.


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