Kundali Bhagya: 4 August 2017 Full Written Episode Updates


Kundali Bhagya: 4 August 2017 Full Written Episode Updates: So the show starts with Tannu tells pretty she will help her if sarla accepts her as an Abhi’s wife. Tannu tells Preeta that women don’t deserve her concern.Preeta gets angry and tells her to shut up and not to say anything wrong about sarla. She starts crying for not being able to her mother.r Suddenly Rashi comes up and find her crying, she tells Preeta to speak to Rishab by tonight as Sherlin is coming for the party.

Kundali Bhagya: 4 August 2017 Full Written Episode Updates

On the other seen Rishabh and more same were selecting a dress. Sameer gets irritated and says that you take more time than girls and walked out from the room. Then Preeta comes.Rishabh gets happy and asks her to select his dress. Preeta suggests the blue dress for him, it would suit him. Preeta says that everyone needs someone special in their life to solve their problems with whom you can share everything, someone who takes care of you when you are broken.Rishabh qualifies it can be a friend like her.Preeta says I am not talking about friend I am talking about life partner who shares her life with him.Rishabh says that he doesn’t mind getting married if she finds a girl like her.Preeta gets excited and tells him that she will find a girl for him now she will go and tell his mother she will become happy.Rishabh says he will only get married if the girl is like her. Rishabh wonder from where she will get the girl like her.

In the room, Rashi was happy and thanks, Preeta and prays for her happiness. Preeta wishes Rashi has selected a nice girl for Rishab. Rashi says Kareena has selected a girl for Rishab, Kareena’s decision is never wrong. She says Sherlin and Rishab will meet each other for tonight’s party and asks her about help.Preeta was thinking about asking for a salary in advance so that she can help her mother she was worried about him.

On the other side at home Sarla gets a call from  Tannu  she started teasing her by saying that she is helpless and deserve this. Sarla says she has heard wrong.Tannu says she has chosen a wrong person for help.Sarla scolds her and says not to poke her nose on someone else matter. Tannu asks her to come to her home and apologize touching her feet, only then she would forgive her. Sara slaps the phone shut and Gets angry over Preeta for asking about the help from taanu.

Dadi asks Pandit Ji about preparations of pooja. She sends Preeeta for getting a handkerchief. Shrishti sees Preeta is coming towards her and thinks if Preeta watches her here, she will get angry and scold her. She runs the other side and hits Sameer. Both started blaming each other. Shrishti finds Preeta approaching and runs the other side. Shrishti hides in Dadi’s room but as Preeta comes in. Shrishti hides inside the bathroom. Preeta starts looking for the handkerchief in the room, Shrishti finds the napkins and hands them to Preeta from behind the door. Preeta asks who is it, she thanks her anyway. Shrishti regrets replying with a welcome. Preeta recognizes the voice and insists on Shrishti to come outside. Shrishti opens the door. Preeta gets angry and asks her why she has hidden inside the washroom. Shrishti tells her to listen to her, she is free to move anywhere here. She tells Preeta that she is working here as wedding planners. Preeta gets happy then complains why she didn’t tell her that. Preeta gets angry on  Shrishti. Shrishti says Kareena promised her double salary. Preeta says she doesn’t care because they don’t interact directly. Someone opens the door of the room then.


For next episode stay tuned with us.


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