Leaked information! Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a girl


An another news that would bring a bit shocking moment for the fan of KYLIE JENNER. Reports are saying that she is 5-months pregnant with a girl. She is going to be a mother at a young age of 20

Leaked information! Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a girl

After having a stable relationship with her boyfriend Travis Scott reports has refuted the fact that she is five months pregnant, and telling people that the baby is expected to be a girl

Few month ago, reality star Kylie Jenner has revealed that she wants to be a young mother and now its look like a dream came true to her as she got pregnant with a girl

Reports are also saying that her current boyfriend Travis Scott has been telling secretly to his relatives and his close friends about Kylie Jenner pregnancy  but eventually he won’t be able to hide this great news from outer world

The news was confirmed by Caitlyn Jenner who was known as Bruce Jenner before having a gender reassignment surgery, she has confirmed this news to media in some indirect ways

Although, Kylie Jenner hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy news by herself, all of the gathered information saying that this is not a secret  no more

There are still few people who haven’t comment on this news yet, like Kylie Jenner’s mother Kris Jenner. So everybody is been waiting for the real confirmation that might be published soon







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