Leaked: MTV Splitsvilla X 10 Winner Name 2017! Baseer Ali and Naina Singh won!


If you are looking for the leaked MTV Splitsvilla X 10 winner name then you are on the very right page. Here, we are going to share some ongoing information which is looking quite sure till now and you all will surprise by the name for sure. As you all know that everyone is looking for only one answer that who is going to win the MTV Splitsvilla season 10 and everybody is guessing some names like Priyank could win this season along with his partner. Some are saying that other boys are going to win this season. So, you can say that rumors are spreading out on the market a lot.

Baseer Ali and Naina Singh won
Baseer Ali and Naina Singh won


As you all may know that MTV Splitsvilla X is hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is in its 10th season. Also, the reports are coming that the finale ride was not that easy for the contestants and some of them got out of the show just before the finale. As you all know that final is yet to be air on the channel but the MTV Splitsvilla x winner has been already leaked. Yes! You are reading it right MTV Splitsvilla X 10 winner name is already rumoring in the market and it’s hard to tell that this name is correct or not but sources are saying that the name is totally correct.

MTV Splitsvilla X 10 winner name-

As per the reports, MTV Splitsvilla 2017 is already making headlines due to its hot contestants and tasks. You all know that this season was quite awesome for the contestants as well as for the viewers because they got to see some handsome and beautiful faces. Also, you all know that this season there were 10 boys, 10 girls and an Oracle who decides whether a couple is a perfect match or not. Now, the thing is that the show already takes place and everybody is not quite busy with his own life but still the name of the winner is not announced yet by the official because the finale episode wasn’t aired on TV till now.

Reports are coming that so many names are spreading and rumoring in the market so it’s hard to pick one but don’t worry. We are here to give you MTV Splitsvilla X 10 winner name which could be right or wrong because nothing is official now. Some reports said earlier that Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma and pretty Divya Agarwal are the winners of MTV Splitsvilla X but now those reports are coming wrong and sources are saying they didn’t win the show.

MTV Splitsvilla X winners Baseer Ali and Naina Singh-

As per the new reports, MTV Splitsvilla X 10 winners name 2017 is quite opened now. Reports are saying that the winners are Baseer Ali and Naina Singh. Yes! You are reading it right this coupe won the MTV Splitsvilla X 2017. Also, some reports are confirming that this couple was very well performed and won the last task against an opponent. Still, it’s not clear that who was the second pair or couple who lost in just last moment.  But as per now, Baseer Ali and Naina Singh both performed well in the grand finale of Splitsvilla X and won the Splitsvilla X crown.

Some of you may not know that Baseer Ali was the finalist in Roadies Rising and now he won the Splitsvilla which is quite good news for him. Also, the reports are coming that both Ali and Naina were the strongest contestants in the Splitsvilla. Also, people loved their chemistry and bond with each other which is why I think they won the MTV Spiltvilla Season 10 X. Also, people are soon going to be the witness of the winner soon because the finale episode is going to take place soon on TV.


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