#MahmoodFarooqui Peepli Live’s actor accused for Rape!


Peepli Live’s main actor Mahmood Farooqui is accused of the rape charges. As you all know that, Mahmood Farooqui was on the main leading role in the movie. Even, the Monday acquitted of rape charges as the Delhi High Court found him not guilty of the sexual crime. Sources are saying that this a Delhi court in August last year had sentenced Farooqui to seven years in jail in the rape case of an American woman.

#MahmoodFarooqui Peepli Live’s actor accused for Rape!
#MahmoodFarooqui Peepli Live’s actor accused for Rape!

This is very shocking news for the nation and we are sure that, you all are really going to feel bad about this. As per the reports, the High Court while acquitting Farooqui said that there were inaccuracies in woman’s complaint. As per the reports, 35-year-old American researcher had alleged that Farooqui raped her in a rented accommodation at Sukhdev Vihar in Delhi.

Well, reports are saying that the victim is the student at Columbia University in New York, had told the police that she was raped by the filmmaker at his Sukhdev Vihar house in south Delhi on 28 March last year. After that police started the investigation and then they filed the case in the court.

Also, the reports are saying that in her complaint to Delhi Police, she had alleged that Farooqui had raped her when she had gone to meet him subsequently for help on her research. “Peepli Live”, was Aamir Khan productions film exploring the divide between urban and rural India. Farooqui co-directed it with his journalist-turned-filmmaker wife, Anusha Rizvi.


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