Malayalam! Chunkzz Total 11th day box office collection!!!


Malayalam! Chunkzz Total 11th day box office collection: More than the expectation of the maker the movie has put a good and well-appreciated score over box office business, the movie Chunkzz is released on 4 August 2017 in domestic and since now the movie is been kindly beloved by young audience and many other comedy lovers, without having any unique strategy done in promotion of the movie, the movie has ended up its first day of opening with a great amount of collection.

Chunkzz total box office collection

The movie is a low budget movie but has a good quality stuff in the screenplay. The director of the movie Omar Ullu has done a great job because it’s too hard to work with fresh talent if the half of the movie earning depends on with whom movie featured with.

Malayalam Chunkzz box office collection:

The movie is released on 4 August 2017 within boundaries but still getting good talk for its earning report, most of the good reviews were from the young audience of the country they fell in love with the story of the movie and the way the director putting in the motion.

Chunkzz Movie Total 11th day box office collection:

1st-day box office collection(Friday): 2.20 crores

2nd-day box office collection(Saturday): 1.50 crores

3rd-day box office collection(Sunday): 2.15 crores

4th-day box office collection(Monday): 0.80 crores

5th-day box office collection(Tuesday): 0.66 crores

6th-day box office collection(Wednesday): 0.40 crores

7th-day box office collection(Thursday): 0.19 crores

The movie started its second day opening with an amount of 2.20 crore approx and it is such a great start for a low budget movie, the makers seem fully satisfied with seeing the crowd flooding to the first premier of the movie plus the movie had a great advantage the movie story is based on the life of college student with full on comedy, drama, and love so it was quite possible that viewers will rush to its first show.


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