Malayalam Movie Chunkzz first day box office collection


Malayalam Movie Chunkzz first day box office collection: finally, the premiere of the movie is out now, the movie is released on Friday 4th August 2017 within boundaries, the comedy drama flick is directed by Omar lulu, in cheapest but finer ways, the movie has some younger talent features so it could earn more than what makers invested over it, still the low budget movie doesn’t go well with the producing section and that is the only reason of behind every flop, but this movie has a good story line, based on a college life and that can attract a lots of youngsters  towards its premier and it will be so helpful to collect good bonus for movie makers.

The story is based on a college life of some youngsters which are in their final year of mechanical engineering, but has no life in life makes them think lonely,  plus there is not a single girl around in their class and that makes them think life is not worth a living. But then suddenly a girl named Priya joined their class and everything is changed, as the story proceeds they all became friends and rest of the part of the movie leads to a comical climax.

Written by- Joseph Vijeesh, Aneesh Harmeed nad Sanoop Thykoodam

Directed by- Omar Lulu

Cast- Balu Varghese, Honey Rose, Dharmaraj Bolgatty, Ganpathi.s.Poduwal, Siddique Lal, Harish Kanaran and Mareena Michael

Music by-Gopi Sunder

Positive factors :

– This movie has the youngest talent so it can easily attract a good amount of youngsters towards it.

– the storyline of the movie is different, so the premier sounds no boring

– easy to attract lots of comedy lover

Negative factors

-loosing hand in production will definitely reduce some of from good crowd

-due to the financial problem, the movie is only released in limited cinema halls

– the artist belongs to the movie has no well-known personality.

Malayalam Movie Chunkzz box office collection-

This is a comedy movie kindly be loved by everyone and that can make its maker gathering some good bucks after its released, storyline is different so this movie has some new fun to get more popularity, and this movie holding a lots of young talent, going well with dialogue section that is all that they want in a simple but amazing movie.


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