Modi’s Tweet: Supreme court Banned Triple Talaq! Twitter Reaction!


Modi’s Tweet: Supreme court Banned Triple Talaq! Twitter Reaction: Modi’s Tweet: Supreme court Banned Triple Talaq! Twitter Reaction: Triple Talaq (also known as Talaq-e-Mughallazah — an irrevocable divorce is a form of divorce that is practiced by Muslims. It has been a subject of controversy and debates within the country, raising the issues of justice, gender equality, human rights and secularism.

The supreme court of India has finally taken a step against this Triple talaq and said that he Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce their wives — is unconstitutional, striking it down.

Modi's Tweet: Supreme court Banned Triple Talaq! Twitter Reaction!

Five judges of different faiths discussed with each other for three months before issuing the order of ban in Triple talaq.this order comes in response to petitions after the 7 women get divorced because of this triple talaq.This ritual has already been ban by the 20 countries including neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Live Updates: Supreme court Banned Triple Talaq! Twitter Reaction!

2.03pm: “Victory of our constitutional values. Will repeat what PM has said earlier, don’t link it to any religion,” BJP leader and law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

2.02pm: “We have to respect the judgment. It is going to be a great herculean task to implement this on the ground,” says AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.

1.45pm: “Judgment of the Hon’ble SC on Triple Talaq is historic. It grants equality to Muslim women and is a powerful measure for women empowerment,” tweets Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

1.30pm: “We welcome the Supreme Court’s verdict on triple talaq. Muslim women got justice through it,” says Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

1.20pm: “I can say with satisfaction this was the last case which I did before I decided to quit,” says Mukul Rohatgi.

1.16pm: Social activist Shaista Ali, who was affected by triple talaq: “We are happy that Supreme Court supported us. This will definitely improve the condition of Muslim women who face atrocities in the name of triple talaq. I also want that the court should also ban the provision four marriages without divorce.”

1.09pm: “We hail the judgment, it protects personal laws and at the same time deprecates the practice of triple talaq,” says Congress leader Kapil Sibal.

12.59pm: BJP president Amit Shah says: “I welcome the historic verdict by the Supreme Court on the issue of triple talaq… This is the victory of basic constitutional rights and right to equality of Muslim women.”

12.49pm: “Shia Personal Law Board has been fighting against triple talaq since 2007, welcome this verdict. It is a great first step,” says Maulana Yasoob Abbas, Shia cleric.

12.18pm: “What we hoped to happen has now happened, it is a good decision,” says Salman Khurshid.

12.07pm: “It’s a good judgment and it’s another step towards gender justice and gender equality,” says Maneka Gandhi, Union minister.

12.05pm: Our grievances and apprehensions, whether they have been addressed by the judges or not, can be expressed after seeing judgement… What will happen to those Muslim women who even after judgment will accept ‘talaq’: Z Jilani, AIMPLB

12.04pm: “Welcome SC ‘s judgment, request the central government to bring in a legislation soon,” says Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

12.03pm: “Have respected SC’s judgments in past, today’s judgment on triple talaq will also be considered by us: Z Jilani, member, AIMPLB.

12.02pm: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has convened a meeting on September 10 in Bhopal to discuss the Supreme Court verdict on triple talaq and chalk out the future strategy on the issue, says Maulana Wali Rehmani, AIMPLB general secretary.

11.39am: Shayara Bano, who was the first woman to challenge instant triple talaq in a court, says the SC judgment should be accepted. “I welcome the verdict and support it. This is a historic day for Muslim women,” she says.

11.37am: Justice Nariman said triple talaq is a part of 1934 Act, should always be tested on constitutionality: S Mehmood, a lawyer.

11.36am: Justice Kurien said triple talaq is not an essential part of Islam and enjoys no protection of Article 25, set it aside: Saif Mehmood, a lawyer.

11.32am: Naseem Akhtar, the Jaipur convener of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, says: “It’s a good and balanced decision. Now we hope and expect the government to make a law against triple talaq the soonest.”

11.31am: Aafreen Rehman, affected by triple talaq, from Jaipur says: “I am happy with the court’s decision. It’s a beginning towards the abolition of triple talaq in the country. A law against triple talaq is what we wanted and the court has directed the government to do the same. And the court has in a way banned it until the law is made. The cruelty that was happening against women in the name of triple talaq, wherein they were thrown out of the house like a pair of shoes, will now end.”

11.27am: President of All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board Shaista Amber has welcomed the Supreme Court judgment on triple talaq holding the Islamic practice as unconstitutional.

11.24am: CJI says matters of personal law cannot be touched by a constitutional court law or constitutionality cannot be tested: Saif Mehmood, a lawyer.

11.04am: “Talaq-e-bidder (instant divorce) is manifestly arbitrary which allows a Muslim man to break down marriage whimsically,” majority view of the bench said to a packed courtroom.

“It cannot be considered as an integral part of the personal law and cannot have constitutional protection. It is against Quran and violates the Shariat,” it said.

11.02am: The SC strikes down instant triple talaq (talk-e-bidder) by a 3-2 verdict, saying it violates Article 14 of the Constitution. The majority view of the bench is that the practice is arbitrary and against the tenets of Islam.

Minority view by CJI JS Khehar and Abdul Nazeer wants triple talaq put on hold for six months and for the government to bring a new law by then.

10.53am: CJI JS Khehar says talaq-e-bidder is an integral part of Sunni community practiced for 1,000 years.

10.51am: Minority view of asked the government to bring a legislation within six months. CJI Khehar says all parties must decide to keep politics aside.

10.48am: CJI JS Khehar says talaq-e-biddat is not in violation of articles 14,15, 21 and 25 of the Constitution.

10.46am: Triple talaq will not be in operation for six months, says minority view of SC bench.

10.34am: Judges assemble to pronounce verdict

10.29am: It is a big day, let us see what the judgment says: former attorney general Mukul Rohatgi


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