Na Maloom Aflaad 2 vs. Punjab Nhi Jaungi first weekend, 3rd day box office collection


Box office collection: the movie Na Mallom Aflaad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi both has started good as the first day of earning crossed the expected target of 2 crores in domestic but the performance of both of the movie could have been better, the movie makers now dealing with the inconvenience of having a fair ratio of show timing.

The two biggest of 2017 has released on the same date and since that day both movies have been affecting each other earning in some ways, on the occasion of Bakrid the viewers seems confused what to choose because both of the options seems worthy in ways of having a great storyline and an ensemble star cast.

Na Maloom Aflaad 2 first weekend/ 3rd day box office collection

First day box office collection- 2.10 Crore

2nd day box office collection- 3.50 Crore

3rd day box office collection 3.10 Crore

Punjab Nhi Jaungi 3rd day box office collection

First day box office collection- 3.10 Crore

2nd day box office collection- 4.50 Crore

3rd day box office collection 4.10 Crore

The movie Na Maloom Aflaad is a comedy flick and has featuring Mohsin Abbas Haider, Haina Amir, Javed Sheikh Fahad Mustafa and Urwa in lead roles. On the other hand, the movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi which is also a comedy flick starring Urwa Hocane, Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat in the lead role the storyline of the movie isn’t similar but they both have an amazing twist of romantic comedy which can make every viewer laughing out loud. Both of the movies have big star cast in lead roles and has an amazing storyline, so there is only one question which has arrived in the mind of movie makers that which one gets more attention from the viewers in upcoming days

Total 1st-weekend collection: now the maker of both the movies facing the problem of getting a fair amount of show timing, now the whole thing depends on the public demand because the industry has a small market so they just can’t run two movies at the same time in ways of getting a good collection. The lack of screen in domestic are now become the biggest hurdle, in this case, the both movie will fail to achieve a huge amount for their makers.


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