Kannada! Nan Magale Heroine Review & Ratings, Box office collection, Hip or flop!


Kannada! Nan Magale Heroine Review & Ratings, Box office collection, Hip or flop: The week will surely bring the toughest competition around but it looks like this comedy entertainer might survive the highest wave throughout the weekend. still, there is a little possibility of drowning because of the weak promotion work. The film Nan Magale Heroine is an Indian Kannada language comedy drama thriller which is all set to be released on 17th November 2017 in domestic and as well as in overseas screens. The film is expected to get a warm response from the young crowd of the domestic, especially from the watcher from Kannada speaking areas. The film in tuned by Ashwamithra.

Kannada! Hit! Nan Magale Heroine Review & Ratings, Box office collection

Movie review- the film starring an ensemble star cast includes Sanchari Vijay, B. C. Patil, Tabla Nani, Pawan, Vijay Chendoor and Amrutha Rao in respective roles. The film is helmed by Bahubali on his self-penned script and produced by N. G. Mohan Kumar. Well, as you all know the week is full of big releases so basically it would be tough for any ineffective content movie to survive last long. plus, the weak promotion work could be the one best reason for being a flop as well so the makers should take some steps about it if they haven’t performed their best yet.

Nan Magale Heroine Review & Ratings-

The life of the Filmmaker rely on the success or the good outcome of their creations but sometimes things never go in the favour and eventually they have to face the disappointment. As per the story of the movie, it is based on a struggling life of a filmmaker who is sick and tired of his back to back flops. The storyline of the movie has a slight taste of comedy, mixed with some usual fact

Postive factors

  • The film went through a good direction work
  • The storyline of the movie is simple but effective

Negative factors

  • The film has a weak promotion work
  • The star cast performance is average

Nan Magale Heroine:

Directed by: Bahubali

Produced by: N. G. Mohan Kumar

Casting:  Sanchari Vijay, B. C. Patil, Tabla Nani

Language: Kannada

Rate: 2.5/5

Release date: 17th November 2017


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