Padmavati Box office collection Prediction, New Release Date!


Padmavati Box office collection Prediction, New Release Date: Not everytime controversies led it down for no reason, sometimes it may play a healthy part in order to achieve a boost up box office collection. The film has been surfing on the wave of mixed review every since it hit by the tsunami of controversies. Now the biggest question has arrived is, is it gonna make it big or gonna end up like any other ordinary ship?

Padmavati Box office collection Prediction, New Release Date!

Well, this is not the first time that we watching any big movie suffering from controversies, but if we take a look at the bright or you can also call it a positive side then we can easily assume the future result, specifically. The film Padmavati is an epic historical based movie starring Sahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone (the release date is yet to be confirmed by the makers) has already started gaining that massive attention from viewers, well the makers mays thanks to the controversies or to the other negative factors that finally turned up into positive one, most of them.

Padmavati Box office collection Prediction-

Well, no doubt about it that the makers gave their best for the betterment of the movie. The film took a long period of two years on its undertaking process and also the hard work that must be paid as well. As per the reports, the star cast of the film seems angry at this unwanted boost up for the film. However, it seems good for their own welfare. The director of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali is looking forward in a positive way, even after sitting in the middle of that earth-shaking time period that the film keeps on going through. But as you all know every publicity is the good publicity, whether it’s for the positive purpose or not, that only make everyone deeply thinking about the actual matter it possessed. The movie is going to make more than 300.00 Crore from the box office.

As per prediction: The film will surely receive a massive start at box office collection as it has already created that massive buzz among the young crowd of the domestic. The release date of the film is yet to be revealed and it will be announced in no time by the makers as soon as they clear up all on the Censor Board demands.


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